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Eva Ryan
State Representative

Constitutional Republican

Eva is a champion of Peoples constitutional rights in every facet of government whose priorities are simple - Respect and Investing in the People

of Windsor-Windham District of Vermont

* SAFETY- Always backing the Blue, our Law Enforcement, with funding and training keeping our  

community Safe

* HEALTH- Keep government out of your health decisions

* EDUCATION- Secure both Parental and Children rights to ensure the well being of families within our community

* ECONOMY- Strong economy and safe communities are essential. Reduce taxes, regulations and  

government spending.

* GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY - Truth, Transparency and Integrity with NO deficit budget.

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My Platform

Family & Community First

To be the voice of my constituents that represents the best interests for their Family & Community regarding Safety, Health, Education and our Economy


Be of Service to the People I serve

By being a political spokesperson for issues that are important to Athens, Chester, Grafton and Windham....


Duty Bound

I expect the People of the Windsor-Windham district to hold me accountable



About Myself

I would like to introduce myself, Eva Ryan, as a candidate for the office of House
Representative in the upcoming Windsor-Windham District Primary election on August 9, 2022.
My decision to run as candidate is simple. I believe that public service is incumbent on all
of us, thus giving me a means of how I can contribute to my community.

Quoting Dorothy Height,

“Without community service, we would not have a strong quality of life.”
The range of my education and employment is wide, from mowing cemeteries in Guildhall
all the way to a Mental Health Counselor in Brattleboro.

My experiences of being a single mom and involved in all my daughters activities, including school, were the life experiences
that cemented my purpose to serve, and the commitment of building community with
honor and integrity.
Know that I am accepting endorsements only from the people of the Windsor-Windham district,

for they are whom I would be serving. I expect and encourage all constituents to hold elected
officials accountable for ensuring our community’s safety, by promoting a safe and healthy
environment for families to live in, students to learn in, and businesses to grow in.

With respect, grace and humility, I pledge to be a voice that reflects the interest, concerns
and priorities of the constituents I represent.
In announcing my candidacy, I also announce that I have no other hidden political
ambitions or agenda.
I encourage everyone to vote in the Primary Election on August 9, 2022.



Eva Ryan BA, MS
Chester VT, 05143


Correct history builds a strong foundation for the future



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